Hello, and welcome to Somatic!  Each of our episodes explores a fascinating topic concerning our everyday experiences, spaces, cultures, practices, and communities related to our bodies in motion. We hope Somatic can help listeners to only better understand the embodied and somatic stories of ordinary life, but reflect on how people experience the “day-to-day” through their bodies, as well as the meaning and politics of those contexts. More than this, we hope the podcast can be a digital vehicle for collaboration, through which interested contributors can explore a topic of interest through the methodology of digital audio. If each episode helps at least a few listeners to critically reflect on how we all come to experience and know the world through our (active) bodies, that’s good enough for us.

Each episode is created by us in coordination with interviewees and coontributors. Each episode topic will concern a particular, interesting context related to embodiment, physical activity, sport, leisure, recreation, fitness, movement practices, etc. Our goal is for each episode to present listeners with creatively produced stories that untangle the complex relations, meanings, and implications of our everyday lives (because, indeed, all of our lives are meaningfully complex, and complicated). Each episode combines immersive, interpretive audio (from original musical soundtrack, to ambient sounds, to uncurated noise) with discussions of critical topics (we are academicians after all).  You can find all of our episodes here or by clicking “Episodes” above.

Though we will regular produce episodes that were created and developed by us, we want Somatic to be a digital platform for broadcasting the ideas and stories of interested contributors. So, it goes without saying that we will always be looking for contributors and ideas for future episodes. Take a look around the site, explore the episode list, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or have a proposal for a future episode.

– Somatic co-founders Oliver & Sam


Somatic co-founder Sam regularly records music that can potentially become part of the soundscape of a future episode.  Not all of Sam’s recordings make it to an episode, however.  For this reason, occasionally Sam will post a volume of music that did not make it to an episode.  Just another offering as part of our audio-based vision for the podcast.  You can find the most recent volume below.