Welcome to Somatic!  Each episode explores the everyday, ordinary experiences, spaces, cultures, practices, and communities concerning our bodies in motion.  Through this podcast, we hope to be a digital vehicle through which our episodes/contributors can broadcast creatives stories on a myriad of topics: namely, reflections on how people experience everyday life through their bodies, and the meaning, politics and contexts of those experiences.  It is our hope that each episode helps listeners to critically reflect on how we all come to experience and know the world through our (active) bodies.

Each episode focuses on a particular, interesting topic related to embodiment, everyday activity, or sport.  Each episode will be created and directed by the contributor, using Somatic as their digital platform and vehicle of expression.  Our goal is for each episode to provide listeners with creative stories that untangle the complex relations, meanings, and implications of our everyday lives (because, indeed, all of our lives are meaningfully complex, and complicated). Our productions combine immersive, interpretive audio (be it original musical soundtrack, ambient sounds, you name it) with theoretically informed interrogations of topics (we are academicians after all).  You can find all of our episodes here or by clicking “Episodes” above.

Our focus has, and will be always be centered on Somatic being a digital platform for the broadcasting of our contributor’s ideas and stories.  We want the podcast episodes to be driven by the stories of the contributors themselves.  So, in other words, it goes without saying that we will always be looking for contributors and ideas for a future episode!

Take a look around our site, explore the episode list, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or proposals for making shows.

– Somatic co-founders Oliver & Sam