Advisory Board

From the outset, we have developed Somatic Podcast as a project to promote academic and critical research and scholarship concerning sport, physical culture, health, and the active body.  As fledgling academics ourselves, we hope the podcast can be a platform through which other academics, scholars, researchers, and everyday critical thinkers can express and publicizing their studies and insight.  This is our hope: that Somatic Podcast become just one of many digital audio platforms for the promotion of critical discussions regarding our bodies in motion.  It is why we promote each episode on various academic listservs, and it is why we collaborate with various academics and researchers with each episode.

As Somatic Podcast continues to grow and develop as a project, we’ve also worked hard to establish connections with various other prominent academics and scholars linked to the heterogeneous field of Sport Studies.  Below you will a list of advisors supportive in some way of our Somatic Podcast project and/or the development of podcasting and digital audio content within Sport Studies.  This is very much an informal list, and does not represent an official or formalized “board”.  Each advisor is not formally affiliated with Somatic, but are scholars who we have worked with in the past, and who we occasionally ask to provide helpful feedback for drafts of episodes, as well as constructive feedback on the ongoing development of the podcast.  This list of advisors will remains in a constant of “development,” with new advisors added as we continue to create new episodes and increase our listenership.


List of Somatic Podcast Advisors:


Dr. David L. Andrews, University of Maryland, College Park (USA)

Dr. Shannon Jette, University of Maryland, College Park (USA)

Dr. Jane Stangl, Smith College (USA)

Dr. Brett Hutchins, Monash University (AUS)