We started Somatic with the goal of the podcast becoming an ongoing, developing collaborative project.  This emphasis on collaboration underpins our philosophy behind the project.  We feel it’s important to have a digital, audio space where people can respectfully and productively work together to creatively rethink how we experience the world through our bodies.  Our goal is to make the podcast and digital audio form a more inviting space for creative and collaborative discussion: a place where scholars, researchers, and everyday thinkers can explore and develop their ideas and stories concerning our active bodies.

Because of this, we welcome collaboration with listeners, researchers, and other people who are interested in working on crafting an episode with us. We have a broad remit in terms of the types of stories we’d love to make part of our podcast.

If you have an idea feel free to email it to us and we can talk about making it happen! Either send your pitch to or use the form on the contact page.

The following is a suggestive list submission types:

  • Written stories around 500-1500 words
  • Reported audio
  • Dramatized story telling
  • Interviews
  • Oral histories
  • Musical interpretations of stories and experiences

You do not need to have experience working in any of these formats to submit a pitch.  We are happy to serve the role of producers/editors/mixers in turning your story into an episode.

Additionally, we are interested in bringing original and immersive scoring to all our episodes.  If you have a sound designer/performer you want to work with, we are open to finding a way to make that happen. We can also work with you in developing an original soundscape for your piece.

The show is always looking for new themes which can creatively anchor an episode, so please feel free to make suggestions by getting in touch.  As long as it connects in some way to ideas of  what is ‘somatic’ we are interested in your ideas.

– Somatic co-founders Oliver and Sam