Our lives are shaped by how we consider and experience the physical, especially when we consider our bodies in motion. From sport to exercise, recreation to active transportation and beyond, the effects can be felt everyday and have an impact on the broad structures, institutions, and social norms of the society in which we live.  With an academic background, we are committed to the belief that these are significant topics that not only make for interesting listening, but can also have a wider reaching positive contribution.

We want Somatic to be a hub where a diversity of people (be it academics, activists, or any person that wants to speak to their everyday embodiment) can tell stories of their experiences, and stories in being physical active in all its myriad forms.  Our aim is to focus on the everyday experience, and highlight the contexts, politics, and meaning of ordinary embodiment and activity.  If you are a narrator, musician, producer, writer, or just someone who wants to contribute to this project anyway they can, get in touch. Somatic is a platform for exciting collaborations, and we need your help to achieve this.

If you have any other questions or comments connect with us here

People of Somatic:

me with robert in athens ga - 8-4-16Co-Founder – Sam Clevenger: Sam is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Maryland. His current research, based in theories of historical and cultural materialism and ecological Marxism, studies the cultural transmission of ideas of the body, health, and nature in histories of built environments. Sam is currently researching the development and history of the international Garden City movement. In addition to his academic work Sam also plays guitar and writes songs. His music forms the initial basis of the original sound design for this project, and it is just one of the roles Sam plays in the production of the podcast (Sam also edits, produces, and provides original writing content).

oliver-rickCo-Founder – Oliver Rick: Working from his base at Springfield College, Oliver continues to build his duel academic research interests: The globalization of sport and urban physical cultures. His research, teaching, and work beyond the university looks to blend these areas of interest and as such shape his contributions to this project. Oliver contributes to the project as a narrator, editor, and producer, while also providing some original writing for episodes.