Podcasts We Like

Here are just a few podcasts that we at Somatic enjoy.  Some of these in particular were influential in our deciding to create our podcast.

We are in no way affiliated or have agreements with these podcasts.  We just thought we should share our favorite podcasts on Somatic’s website.  Do give and listen to these podcasts so you can enjoy them as much as we do.


Sleep With Me Podcast

  • SAM: I love the concept of Sleep With Me Podcast.  First of all, it is so practical and useful in that it is a godsend for those of us restless souls who have difficulty falling asleep.  Second, the podcast profoundly impacted my ideas on the possibilities of the podcast form, and the ways one can experiment with digital audio and finding new, creative ways to articulate meaning.  Podcasts don’t have to be strictly informative or chained to the interview mode, but can be mobilized in a multitude of ways.  Plus, if you think about it, Sleep With Me seems distinctly somatic in its design: it’s a podcast that wants to have a positive impact on our bodies by helping us fall asleep.  That, and Dearest Scooter’s discussions and stories are wonderfully digressive and meandering.

MediaSport Podcast Series

  • SAM: In many ways, MediaSport has been an profound influence on our Somatic Podcast, particularly in terms of our impetus and development as a product in digital audio.  Created and administered by Dr. Brett Hutchins of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, the podcast includes interviews by world-renowned academics and scholars on topics related to the social, cultural, political, economic, and technological dimensions of sport.  MediaSport is just one of the key podcast series that are helping to introduce the importance or podcasting and digital audio to the sport studies field.


  • OLIVER: Backstory has just been re-invented in early 2017 bringing a slight change in format, but keeps all the engaging historical perspective on contemporary issues that it offered before. This show really does help develop the idea that today is best understood when framed by the long historical processes that led us here! Good interaction between hosts, unusual and intriguing stories, and insight into the present that gives you the comfort of understanding the various processes of history.

Sound Matters

  • OLIVER: Okay so this one may be for audio nerds, but I think the appeal can be taken much more broadly. The show creates engrossing sound experiences, while taking audio as a point through which to dive into much further reaching topics and issues. Find some time to put on the headphones, switch off, and immerse yourself.

Politically Re-Active

  • OLIVER: Although not currently in production, the back catalog of this show with comedians W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu is a must listen. Engaging guests that challenge the audience to think more critically and deeply about a range of political issues (political in the small ‘p’ and broadest sense). The show also brings a high quality of production and an often needed levity that helps everyone that comes to the podcast to process some tough issues.

Maeve in America

  • OLIVER: This suggestion is a show that tackles a timely issue today: Immigration. Whilst not a new concept or experience to interrogate, the current intensification of flows of people around the world today and the powerful retoric that is often driven by attempts to frame the immigrant experience make this more relevant than ever. Also personally as an immigrant in the USA the show speaks to me and a set of issues at the forefront of my mind.


If you have suggestions of shows that you like, especially any that take a critical look at our bodies in motion, please drop a message in the comments.