Olympics Special – From Rio to the future of the games – Ep 1


(Photo credit: marktmcn Olympic dream via photopin (license))

The Olympics is one of the biggest sporting events in the world that connects to a wide array of global and local political, economic, social, cultural, and technological processes. As such it has received a lot of attention, both in the popular media and through academic analysis. In order to cut through this multiplicity of voices and opinions we turned to Dr. Bryan Clift to explore how he views to games in Rio and what it means for the future of the Olympics.

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Riding the city – Pilot Ep


Placeholder Image In this episode we explore the experience of riding in the city, a space currently in a process of massive upheaval as people stream back into spaces once hollowed out by deindustrialization and depopulation. This has created massive contradictions, and layers on top of the immediate experiences of riding in urban spaces. All these themes and more are explored through a creative narrative telling.

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